Friday, January 23, 2015

Update your Taiwanease App now!

Happy Days! We are pleased and proud to announce that the Taiwanease App has been successfully upgraded and is now tweaked to accommodate iOS 8 as well as the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Congratulations to Eiger Law!

Eiger Law wins awards with such regularity now that it's no longer news, but I'd like to take a minute to congratulate them for winning the prestigiousAsian Legal Business Employer of Choice Awards for 2012

The rankings are based on a survey sent out to over 20,000 lawyers within the Asian region, and respondents are asked to rate firms on several criteria such as remuneration, information management, quality of work and clients, work/life balance, professional development/training and quality of the firm’s brand. Basically it means that Eiger is the law firm that other lawyers would most like to join! :thumbsup: 

Way to go Eiger, and thanks so much for supporting Taiwanease, both as a company and as moderators! We're so proud!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Taiwanease App is in the iTunes App Store!

Hurrah! Our app is out! Our app is out! It's been a long time coming, but today was a milestone. It is my fervent hope that this really brings the site forward. Here is our press release: (中文版在文章下半部), a website created for Taiwan’s International Community by a small team of long term foreign residents, has just released the eponymous app “Taiwanease” on the   iTunes App Store.  

The Taiwanease App is an essential tool for international living in Taiwan. Access our massive database of events listings and venue addresses with or without an internet connection. Fast, sleek, and intelligently put together, the Taiwanease App is elegant in its simplicity. Whether it’s Nightlife, Shopping, Dining, Hotels, Art, Theatre, Events, or Addresses and Maps, the Taiwanease iPhone Application puts all you need to know about Taiwan at your fingertips.

Key Features of the Taiwanease App include:
  • Up-to-date Event Listings
  • Thousands of Directory Listings in dozens of categories, from Restaurants, to Accommodation, to Travel.
  • A “Near Me” feature to tell you what’s close by.
  • A “Favorites” function that stores all your preferred locations in a handy list.
  • Full Screen Taxi Cards that tell your driver exactly where you want to go in Chinese.
  • Maps that will pinpoint your current location, even in a moving vehicle, as well as your destination. If your taxi driver is taking “the scenic route”, you’ll be the first to know!
  • Up to date contact information for restaurants, including addresses in English AND Chinese, clickable links to websites from within every listing, as well as “one-tap” phone dialing.
  • Emergency Numbers, for Police, Fire/Medical, English Directory Assistance, and the Foreign Affairs Police.
  • MRT Maps for Taipei and Kaohsiung
  • An “Add an Establishment” feature that lets you instantly submit a venue to our directory right from your phone!

For more information please contact Anthony van Dyck (潘龍泉) at 0935-560-995, or email him at 一個由一群在台落地生根的外國客,所創立的台灣國際社群,就在剛剛於 iTunes 線上商店中推出同名應用程式 - Taiwanease

Taiwanease 英文應用程式是在台灣生活的您必備的實用工具!  龐大資料庫中有最新的活動訊息及眾多的商家資訊,下載後就算在沒有網路訊號的地方也能使用。 快速、敏捷的高機能設計,Taiwanease 英文應用程式展現出優雅的簡單哲學。

Taiwanease 英文應用程式的主要功能有:
  • 最新的活動訊息列表
  • 龐大的工商資料庫,內含幾十組類別,從餐廳、住宿到旅行,內容包羅萬象
  • “離我最近” 功能告訴您附近有什麼
  • “我的最愛” 功能,一份可以儲存您最喜愛商家的清單
  • 全螢幕計程車卡,以正確的中文資料,告知計程車司機您想抵達的確實地點
  • 一份能正確標示出您所在點及目標點的地圖;就算您在移動的車輛中,也能看到自己的移動,您的司機若是繞遠路,您也能馬上發現
  • 最新的餐廳聯絡資訊,包括中、英文地址;並可從資料頁中直接連結到該商家網站裡,或是點擊電話馬上為您撥號至該商家
  • 緊急連絡電話:從警察局、消防局、救護車、英語查號台到外交部和外事警察局,全都在這裡! 
  • 台北及高雄捷運地圖,讓您暢行無阻
  • “建立新商家” 功能,您能即時利用手機,新增商家到資料庫中

Taiwanease 英文應用程式即刻起在 iTunes線上商店開始販售,而且它是免费的!您就能馬上擁有 Taiwanease 英文應用程式!

想知道更多的資訊請聯絡 Anthony van Dyck (潘龍泉) 0935-560-995 或  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 is in the Taipei Times!

Well, this was a great start to the week! featured on the FRONT PAGE of the Taipei Times "Features" section. Hurrah for us! The forums have really been picking up steam lately, and so has the number of visitors to our site overall, not just the forums.

As the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day", but I'm glad to see that it's definitely being built!  This week should be a good one - we've got a Taiwanease dinner at the Calcutta Indian Restaurant on Saturday, and after that we're going to The Speakeasy, Taipei's only Irish bar, for St. Patrick's Day drinks. It should be a great week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello Pilipinos!

Mabuhay! May magandang balita ako sa kapwa kong Kababayan. Meron website para sa Foreigners dito sa Taiwan. Ang pangalan para anyayahan ang kapwa natin Kababayan. Ang ay naglalaman ng directory business, classified ads, forums,at ipa ba. Ang pinaka importante nito ay meron para sa mga grupo ng Pilipino. Ang tawag nito ay Kaya kung may oras kayo magregister na! Ito ay walang bayad, mabilis, at madali lamang. Wag na kayong mag alinlangan pa. Makipag komunikasyon sa Taiwan. Ikinagagalak kong makilala kayo. Maraming Salamat!

Thursday, February 2, 2012




我在去年9月時推出一個新網站- (感謝大家的支持, 使用人數日日暴增), 我們有「英文論壇」、「分類廣告」、 「台灣吃喝玩樂+食衣住行資料庫」(iPhone app 下個月就要推出了)、「活動快訊」、「文章發表」等等… 不過, 最令人興奮的是「台灣易喜亞」一個全新的中文論壇!

它是一個為 - 有想法、有國際觀又酷的台灣人(就是你!) 所設立的一個線上社區‧ 我對「台灣易喜亞」很有信心,但是我需要你的支持與鼓勵!


加入會員! 快速又簡單,5秒就搞定!
發表2個新主題! 天南地北隨你開講!例:「我為什麼愛”暮光之城”」、「台北最好吃的牛肉麵」、「韓國人為什麼比日本人性感」或是「剛剛遇到一個超機車的人… 」
回應2個舊話題! 把你的看法大聲的說出來!

我知道有很多人熱衷於網路分享(臉書、推特、部落格等…),如果你也是喜歡分享的人, 那麼你一定會喜歡台灣易喜亞‧ 如果你不是喜歡分享想法的人,那也沒關係,可以當是幫我一個忙嗎? 回應幾篇文章就好!我就不會再煩你了. (嗯…目前啦!)

不管你願不願幫我這個忙,我都謝謝你! 當然, 如果你有任何的問題, 也歡迎你隨时跟跟我聯絡!